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To be is an important verb in English, regarding the numerous functions it has in the language, especially when it is in the present simple. Learn more


Tenses: Tips And Practice

“Tenses: tips and practice” provides you with tips to follow so as to know how to use tenses correctly, in addition to exercises for practice. Learn more


Personal pronouns are short parts of speech that are primarily associated with persons and are used to replace nouns so as to avoid repetition. Learn more


Modal auxiliaries are helping verbs that help us express certain functions such as ability, obligation, possibility, prohibition, etc. Learn more


Expressing opinions the right way is valuable as it establishes a fruitful relationship with your listener, especially negotiating a topic. Learn more


Talking to people means communicating your ideas and exchanging views with them. That may include expressing your agreement and disagreement. Learn more


Linking words (or connectors) are transitional words and expressions that help connect ideas within and between paragraphs. Learn more

Expressing equality means showing that no one has a value that is less or more than the other. I.e., they are the same or have the same values. Learn more

The phrase “expressing advice” means seeking and giving advice. You seek advice if you have a problem, and you ask someone to help you fix it. Learn more


The term ‘’cause ‘’ refers to things that make other things happen. In expressing cause, we show the connections between causes and results. Learn more


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Scholarships are awards given by educational institutions with the goal of improving access to education for those who can’t afford it. Learn more


Negative thinking may occupy a large space in our minds. It may, also, affect our mental health and even our lives in general. Learn more