Word / ExpressionExplanationExampleArabic Translation
1.All in allAt last/on the whole/finallyAll in all,all means of communication are important.اجمالا/في النهاية
2.AllowPermit/let/authorizeThe police allowed him to go home.ياذن/يسمح ب
3.AmuseEntertain/cause to loughHe amused himself by writing poetry.يرفه/يسلي
4.AudienceViewers/spectators/listenersThe audience applauded.الجمهور/المشاهدون
5.BrainMind/intellectThe disease attacked certain cells in the brain.المخ/الدماغ
6.BrowseSurf/explore/look overHe spent hours browsing online.يتصفح
7.CheckVerify/inspect/examineThe police checked all vehicles.يدقق/يتحقق من
8.ComplementaryCompleting/perfecting Guitarists played complementary parts of the song.مكمل/متمم
9.ControlDominate/rule/commandShe struggled to control her temper.يحكم/يتحكم في
10.Correspondent Journalist/reporterThe correspondent improved in quality.مراسل
11.DeliveryDistribution/supply/releaseWe receive several deliveries a day.يوزع/بعطي/يلقي
12.Detail Parts/particulars/componentsThe report contains details about our objection.تفصيل/جزء
13.DirectorManager/supervisor/conductorThe director was satisfied with the actors.مخرج/مدير
14.disturbBother/interrupt/distessPlease shut up.Don’t disturb me.يزعج/يقلق
15.EditorWriter/redactor/reviewerThe editor has put the text in the appropriate form.محرر
16.EditorialArticle written by the editor.The editorial represented the  magasine’s opinion.الافتتاحية
17.EnableMake able/possibleMoney enabled him to travel around the world.يمكن/يخول
18.EnjoyAppreciate/take pleasure inHe enjoys playing the piano.يستمتع/ينعم
19.Enrichmake rich/better/ improveReading enriches our knowledge.يغني/يثري
20.EntertainmentAmusement/enjoyment/leisureHe reads for entertainment.ترفيه/تسلية
21.EpisodeChapter/part/sequenceThe last episode contained dramatic events.حلقة/جزء
22.FinanceFund/provide with moneyThe project was financed by grants.يمول
23.FirmCompany/establishmentHis firm suffers from some financial problems.شركة/مؤسسة
24.FrontpageFirst page(of a newspaper…etc)You always find headlines on the front page.الصفحة الاولى
25.HeadlinesTitles(largely typed/presented)Do you read the headlines before buying a newspaper?العناوين
26.Homepage Startpage(in a website)He makes of”google.com” his permanent homepage.صفحة الاستقبال
27.HouseholdHome/familyWomen are often responsible for running households.بيت/أسرة
28.HoaxFarce/trick/deceptionThe phone call was just a hoax.خديعة/مكيدة
29.InformativeInstructive/educative/newsyThe T.V program is very informative.مثقف/اخباري
30.IssueEdition/number/copyHave you bought the last issue of the magazine?عدد/اصدار
31.Jack potReward/lottery prizeThis week’s lottery jackpot is top.ربح/جائزة
32.KnowledgeInformation/skills/awarenessHe has good knowledge of history.معرفة
33.LandGet/set on the groundAllied troops landed in France.يهبط/ينزل
34.ManagerDirector/administrator/overseerHe is the manager of the oil company.مسير/مدير
35.(Mass)MediaT.V/radio/newspapers/…etcNowadays,the media use very developed technology.اعلام
36.MixtureBlend/amalgam/combinationThe U.S.A is a mixture of races.خليط
37.Never mindIt doesn’t matter/don’t worryNever mind,I will do the job.لا تقلق
38.OpportunityOccasion/favourable timeThis is your opportunity to move on.فرصة/مناسبة
39.ParticipateTake part/be involved  inHe is willing to participate in town’s events.يشارك/يساهم
40.PassiveNon-active/uninvolvedWomen are portrayed as passive victims.سلبي
41.Plenty of A lot of/many/muchThey have plenty of fresh food.الكثير/العديد
42.professionalSkillful/competentShe is a professional tennis player.احترافي/مهني
43.Point outIndicate/draw attention toThey pointed out that the problem is serious.يوضح/ينبه
44.PoliticsScience  treating people’s affairs.I don’t like politics.علوم السياسة
45.PollsVoting/electing/referendum70 per cent of the people participated in latest polls.الانتخاب/التصويت
46.PressNewspapers and magasinesPress gives much importance to politics.الصحافة
47.ProvideSupply/furnish/giveThe authorities provided our school with new material.يزود/يوفر
48.RemainStay/continue to existThe problem still remains.يتبقى/يبقى
49.reportAccount/write upThe journalist wrote a good report about the crisis.تقرير/محضر
50.Respond toReply/answer/reactThey never respond to my questions.يجيب
51.ScriptWritten text/manuscriptThe director hasn’t received the script of the play yet.نسخة/نص مكتوب
52.Search engineProgram for searching on the net I can’t surf on the net without using search engines.محرك البحث
53.SitcomSituation comedyAre there any sitcoms on this week?برنامج حواري
54.StopoverBreak/stay in a journeyOur stopover in Madrid lasted two days.توقف/استراحة
55.SurfNavigate/move from site to siteSurfing on the net is sometimes time consuming.يبحر/يتصفح
56.TabloidSmall-format newspapersTabloids are best sellers in some countries.جريدة شعبية
57.Take offDepart/leave the groundThe plane will take off in a moment.يقلع
58.Thanks toDue to/because ofHe succeeded in his business thanks to wife’s support.بقضل/بسبب
59.Towards In the direction ofThey were driving towards the flat.تجاه/في اتجاه
60.TrainTeach/coach/instructShe is training to be a hairdresser.يدرب/يروض
61.ViewSee/watch/observeThey viewed the landscape from the mountain.يشاهد/ينظر
62.WidenEnlarge/broaden/enrichReading newspapers widens our knowledge.يوسع
63.youngstersYoung peopleYoungsters are more active and dynamic than adults.الشباب

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